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Re: [xmlblaster] Xindice support in 0.8?

Hello Adam,
I can't be of much help regarding Xindice but I can answer your last question:

Adam Williams wrote:
Is the 0.8 release capable of using Xindice as the message store or does
one still need HEAD for that?

Actually there should not be a difference to earlier releases. Since I don't know how this performs in real live, I would consider this driver still not 100% reliable because I still have no wide experience with it yet. But as far as I can tell it should run fine. I don't know of any bugs. here are some TODOs left, and this is probably the interesting part of the answer, Xindice still needs to be started extra and is not included in the dist-package. And I do don't know if it is running with the latest CVS of Xindice. These Xindice guys doing lots of 'moving' work in the core. I'd recommend Xindice 1.0 (Birthday) for the time being.

Thats what I grabbed.  There are no "back-ends" other than file and

Sorry that there ain't no more good news.
But I've got really bad news as well:
Right now some stuff in the internal ClassLoader seem to be broken,
therefore no XMLDBPlugin is loadable at all. I'm investigating...

I want to use xmlBlaster primarily via XML-RPC to integrate a rather
large collection of legacy applications written in AcuCOBOL, C, and
Informix 4gl with a new web application written (at least the front end)
in PHP.  At this point I don't need to use any protocol other than
XML-RPC but the message volume may be fairly high at times (~250
messages a second) and nil at other times.

Is xmlBlaster at a stage where it can be used with something like this? My primary concern is the backend as the FAQ mentions that the file one
should not be used beyond a few hundred messages.

Our initial testing will be on Linux, but a nice RS/6000 with a gig of
RAM will probably be used if it goes production.  I assume xmlBlaster is
happy on AIX using their JVM?

I made some simple tests (performance and Testsuite) on an AIX with 1 GB Ram with Java 1.3 and it worked fine!


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