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Re: [xmlblaster] Need Info

harisha r wrote:

Please help me solve the broadcasting problem. I am
working on the project which consists of a server and
many client applets. The server shall broadcast
information to subscribed applets in real time. I need
to support thousands of clients requesting for the
information. I found XMLBlaster as one of the possible solution
while searching on net. while I was trying to run the
demo applet I found out that not sufficient info and
document is provided. And I am unable to compile the
HelloWorld applet in the demo given. I would like you to help me in these aspects.
1.which protocol should I use to get the best performance?

The applet example is outdated and not functional anymore, we need
to remove it.

  2.If I use jacorb won't I be facing firewall

Applets with CORBA are a pain - i would NEVER use CORBA as the protocol
layer. Using a simple socket connection and transport the data XML
formatted is a better approach, probably RMI has some built in support
for typical applet problems.
You will have problems with firewalls and proxies though.
To avoid those problems you can us URLConnection (based on http
like the browser does) but then pushing realtime data back to the applet
is tricky again.

  3.How to start developing the applet which makes
use of XMLBlaster.

No smart solution is currently available with xmlBlaster.

Any other inputs are also welcome.
Hope to receive an early response. I would like to thank in advance. waiting for ur reply
With regards and thanks

Good luck