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[xmlblaster] Need Info

  Please help me solve the broadcasting problem. I am
working on the project which consists of a server and
many client applets. The server shall broadcast
information to subscribed applets in real time. I need
to support thousands of clients requesting for the
  I found XMLBlaster as one of the possible solution
while searching on net. while I was trying to run the
demo applet I found out that not sufficient info and
document is provided. And I am unable to compile the
HelloWorld applet in the demo given. 
  I would like you to help me in these aspects.
   1.which protocol should I use to get the best      
   2.If I use jacorb won't I be facing firewall
   3.How to start developing the applet which makes
use of XMLBlaster.
  Any other inputs are also welcome.
  Hope to receive an early response. I would like to  
thank in advance. 
  waiting for ur reply
With regards and thanks

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