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[xmlblaster] Configuring remote clients

I'm probably missing something obvious. But I've got lost somewhere.

What I want to do is allow an xmlBlaster plugin to another piece of software
-- a remote sensor monitoring application. Since I don't even want to assume
that the xmlBlasterClient.jar present, I'd like to isolate the xmlBlaster
interface into a class. When an instance of the class is created, I want to
be able to initialise it with the hostname, protocol etc. of the xmlBlaster
server. I'd like these to be properties that the class knows about and
passes in when I do a connect(), or properties specified in the distributed
xmlBlasterClient.jar. I don't want to capture command line options into a
Global, since that would mean that my main() has to be written with the
presence of xmlBlaster assumed.

What's the best way of specifying connection properties on an on-the-fly