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[xmlblaster] Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Point to Point Perl Client question

Kelley Phillips wrote:

I'm still having trouble trying to do this callback from Perl. I didn't find the Perl example script (server.pl),
the only ones in my xmlBlaster/demo/perl/xmlrpc directory
are : hello.pl, messagesList.pl, and xmlBlasterClient.pl.

I didn't see the server callback being handled in any of these.
I can pick up the "regular" published messages without a problem,
and see it demonstrated in those examples. But am struggling with
how to implement the Update callback handling.

The release I picked is 'xmlBlaster_REL_0_8_0.zip'.

If there is a server.pl example somewhere that demonstrates this
I'd like to get ahold of it.

Here it is



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