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Re: [xmlblaster] Monitoring XmlBlaster

Oliver Neubert wrote:


I want to write a tool which allows admins to visualize what's happening
inside the system, and, partly help the admin to administer xmlBlaster
with a GUI.


Now I'm interested in your experiences. Which, so far hidden, information would help the administrators to monitor xmlBlaster?

Which data / values within the system should be manageable with this

I could imagine a SWING GUI with a tree view on the left and a tabed pane on the right.
The tree opens the known cluster node instances and you can zoom into an xmlBlaster server node
to examine the current situation like logged in clients, known topics, queue entries etc.

Further it would be nice to snoop one or many connections of clients and
see all messages flying around.

In a later stage the SWING GUI could record over a period of time
the dynamic situation and display some nice charts with statistics  ....

It would be nice if an administrator could kill clients which behave strange
of clear queues which are getting too full.
Further an administrative runlevel must be configurable where the
cluster node delegates work to another cluster node for maintenance reasons.

For an ever running server dynamically loadable plugins would be nice,
this you could update for example a buggy CORBA plugin in hot operation.

The SWING GUI should have a pluggable architecture to support
easy integration of new modules (e.g. statistic calculations).

The more i think about it, the more ideas i get :-)



regards, Oli