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RE: [xmlblaster] ignoring my own messages

Ok, I have this set but my object is still getting the updates it publishes.
What determines who "I" (the authenticated object) is?  What is checked in
xmlBlaster to know not to send it to my update callback?  

sq = new SubscribeQos(glob);

I've basically taken the HelloWorldPublish and HelloWorldSubscribe code and
combined it into a single object (adding other stuff to test functionality).


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> Sent:	Wednesday, March 05, 2003 2:21 AM
> To:	'xmlblaster at server.xmlBlaster.org'
> Subject:	RE: [xmlblaster] ignoring my own messages
> Hi,
> I think that the easiest way to correct your problem is to set the option
> "wantlocal" to false when 
> you subsribe to a channel.
> See the file
> http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/api/org/xmlBlaster/client/qos/Sub
> sc
> ribeQos.html
> Xavier 
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> Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 2:54 AM
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> Subject: [xmlblaster] ignoring my own messages
> Say I have a server that is linked up on a subscription with another set
> of
> servers.  They all publish on the same channel a certain type of message
> when an event happens and act on that event.  However, I don't want the
> server that sent the message to also receive it (since he is also
> subscribed
> to the channel - all peers) and process as if it is from one of the other
> servers.
> What's the quick/correct way to identify a message a particular instance
> sent out so that when it is received via subscription to that same channel
> it can be ignored?