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[xmlblaster] Re: plugin help

Zhou Dong wrote:


1. How can I write my own plugin to return content?

Such as :

I call con.get("<key oid='__cmd:?freeMem'/>", null); it returns the value of FreeMemory.

Now I want to call : con.get("<keyoid='__mycmd:?Hello'/>", null); it returns “Hello OK”,

How to write that plugin?

I probably don't understand the question.
Just publish a message which contains 'Hello OK' and retrieve it with the synchronous get() method.

2.How to know the users who are online?

There are 3 internal messages which handle users, the key oid (topic) is


you can subscribe to those messages, the content contains the user name.
See xmlBlaster/testsuite/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/test/authentication/TestLoginLogoutEvent.java

3.How to know how much messages and bytes have been transferred between 8:00 to 9:00?

There is currently no such support in xmlBlaster.
You can implement it with a client snooping messages (subscribe to them) and doing the statics itself
or write a publish plugin which does this, see:

4.Can I use MySQL with xmlBlaster?

There is no port for this, but it shouldn't be too complicated (probably
only configurations to change) see:

5.How to transfer a file/message which should compress when send, and decompress when receive?

This was planned since beginning but nobody has implemented it yet,
you have to do it your own with the java zip utility.