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Re: [xmlblaster] RMI problem

zhang wrote:

when i test the rmi demo in javaclients directory, it reports the following error , the rmi driver is started correctly.

Hi Zhang,

thanks for reporting this error, it is fixed now (use the newest cvs)



d:\admin>  java -Djava.security.policy=E:\XMLBLASTER\config\xmlBlaster.policy  j
avaclients.rmi.ClientGet  -client.protocol RMI
Property: Loading xmlBlaster.properties from CLASSPATH file:/E:/xmlBlaster/lib/x
Property: Added 1 property pairs
[2003-3-8 22:36:34 INFO  Heidi] Accessing reference using given 'rmi://zzw:1099/
I_AuthServer' string
[2003-3-8 22:36:37 INFO  Heidi] Accessing reference using given 'rmi://zzw:1099/
I_XmlBlaster' string
[2003-3-8 22:36:37 INFO  Heidi] Trying login to 'RMIClient'
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
       at org.xmlBlaster.util.XmlBlasterException.getMessage(XmlBlasterExceptio
       at javaclients.rmi.ClientGet.<init>(ClientGet.java:90)
       at javaclients.rmi.ClientGet.main(ClientGet.java:265)