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Re: [xmlblaster] I_ConnectionProblems for subscribe / query clients

Michael Atighetchi wrote:

I observed some strange behavior after upgrading to the lastest cvs

When starting up my publishing client, I get the following messages:
How do you turn JDBC off ?

Michael, please do a cvs update -dP again, now the entry which is already in xmlBlaster.properties


is evaluated by the client library as well
and switches the default CACHE (which uses inside RAM and JDBC)
to RAM only.

Next, my code tries to establish an IOR connection, but fails: ------------------ InterceptorManager started with 0 SIs, 0 CIs and 1 IORIs ] [Mar 24, 2003 3:50:03 PM ESC[32;40mINFO ESC[0m XmlBlasterAccess-client/matighet] Switching to synchronous delivery mode ... [Mar 24, 2003 3:50:03 PM ESC[32;40mINFO ESC[0m DeliveryManager-client:client/matighet] Switched to synchronous message delivery [Mar 24, 2003 3:50:03 PM ESC[33;40mWARN ESC[0m DeliveryConnection-client:client/matighet] Connection transition ALIVE -> DEAD: retryCounter=0, maxRetries=0 JacORB V 1.3.30, www.jacorb.org (C) Gerald Brose, FU Berlin, 13 June 2001 [ Build: org.jacorb.orb.standardInterceptors.IORInterceptorInitializer ] [ InterceptorManager started with 0 SIs, 0 CIs and 1 IORIs ] [ no initial map policy defined. Defining default initial map policy ] [ MapToDefaultDomainsPolicy: pathnames null ] [ POA RootPOA - ready ] [ Set BasicListener address string to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ] [ Invoking IORInterceptor CodeSetInfoComponentCreator ] [ CodeSetInfoCreator added TaggedComponent to TAG_MULTIPLE_COMPONENTS profile ] [ Delegate bound to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:46802 ] [ Poa.getReference: a new IDL:org.xmlBlaster.protocol.corba/clientIdl/BlasterCallback:1.0 ] [Mar 24, 2003 3:50:05 PM ESC[32;40mINFO ESC[0m CorbaCallbackServer-matighet] Success, created CORBA callback server on host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx [Mar 24, 2003 3:50:05 PM ESC[32;40mINFO ESC[0m XmlBlasterAccess-client/matighet] Callback settings: type=RAM onOverflow=deadMessage onFailure=deadMessage maxMsg=1000 type=IOR oneway=false burstMode.collectTime=0 [ POA RootPOA - oid: 00 11 14 29 3E 43 38 48 01 0C 49 - object is deactivated ] [Mar 24, 2003 3:50:05 PM ESC[32;40mINFO ESC[0m CorbaCallbackServer-matighet] The callback server is shutdown. errorCode=internal.nullpointer message=A null pointer is an xmlBlaster internal programming error, please post it to the mailing list. : java.lang.NullPointerException at org.xmlBlaster.util.XmlBlasterException.convert(XmlBlasterException.java:551) at org.xmlBlaster.util.XmlBlasterException.convert(XmlBlasterException.java:540) at org.xmlBlaster.client.XmlBlasterAccess.queueMessage(XmlBlasterAccess.java:471) at org.xmlBlaster.client.XmlBlasterAccess.connect(XmlBlasterAccess.java:205) at com.bbn.quo.dpasa.DjmStub.initCon(DjmStub.java:167) at com.bbn.quo.dpasa.DjmStub.<init>(DjmStub.java:130) at com.bbn.quo.dpasa.ConnectionDelegate.<init>(ConnectionDelegate.java:70) at com.bbn.quo.dpasa.ConnectionManagerImpl.createConnection(ConnectionManagerImpl.java:31) at com.bbn.quo.dpasa.JbiConnector.connect(JbiConnector.java:70) at com.bbn.quo.dpasa.SampleWeatherHazardClient.main(SampleWeatherHazardClient.java:190) ----------

Could you please always use for catch(XmlBlasterException ex) (e.g. in SampleWeatherHazardClient.java:190)


instead of


This will show the stack trace of the NPE as well.