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[xmlblaster] xmlBlaster startup problem

    When I startup xmlBlaster0.8.45 from JBuilder , I found that all of others are correct except  the following error messages are shown . After that , I can telnet the local port and get the correct  information .
Again, I use the demo java program HelloWorld.java in demo subdirectory.
   I have tried to startup the Jacorba's NS name service, and the same result is shown.

  I supposed the Jacorba has the problem,but I havenot any solution. Does anybody have ever meet such problem? 


1.The xmlBlaster Main's startup error message:
[2003-3-30 13:41:24 INFO  CorbaDriver-/node/http_192_168_1_99_3412] Published AuthServer IOR on
[2003-3-30 13:41:24 WARN  CorbaDriver-/node/http_192_168_1_99_3412.NoNameService] XmlBlasterException errorCode=[resource.configuration] node=[http_192_168_1_99_3412] location=[CorbaDriver-/node/http_192_168_1_99_3412.NoNameService] message=[No CORBA naming service found - start <xmlBlaster/bin/ns ns.ior> and specify <ORBInitRef.NameService=...> if you want one. : org.omg.CORBA.ORBPackage.InvalidName]
[2003-3-30 13:41:24 INFO  CorbaDriver-/node/http_192_168_1_99_3412] You don't need the naming service, i'll switch to builtin http IOR download

2.The xmlBlaster demo program HelloWorld's error Messages:
We have a problem: XmlBlasterException errorCode=[communication.noConnection] node=[xmlBlaster] location=[CorbaConnection-Administrator] message=[Login failed : java.lang.Error: Unable to create int from string >>null<<. Please check property "jacorb.security.ssl.client.required_options"]