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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster startup problem in JBuilder

raoweixiong wrote:
> hi,all:
>     When I startup xmlBlaster0.8.45 from JBuilder , I found that all of others are correct except  the following error messages are shown . After that , I can telnet the local port and get the correct  information .
> Again, I use the demo java program HelloWorld.java in demo subdirectory.
>    I have tried to startup the Jacorba's NS name service, and the same result is shown.
>   I supposed the Jacorba has the problem,but I havenot any solution. Does anybody have ever meet such problem? 
Try to copy the jacorb.properties file to your home directory
(take xmlBlaster/config/jacorb.properties.template)

XmlBlaster runs fine without a NameService. If you
start one it will use it as well to register, see:

A possible problem is that the JVM as a default uses the builtin ORB
from SUN. We need to force it to use JacORB instead (and do so in our
CORBA plugins).
Probably JBuilder resets this to use the builtin ORB again?

Konrad uses xmlBlaster in JBuilder, probably he knows more.


PS: If you switch to SOCKET protocol it should work directly.

> Raoweixiong
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1.The xmlBlaster Main's startup error message:
> [2003-3-30 13:41:24 INFO  CorbaDriver-/node/http_192_168_1_99_3412] Published AuthServer IOR on
> [2003-3-30 13:41:24 WARN  CorbaDriver-/node/http_192_168_1_99_3412.NoNameService] XmlBlasterException errorCode=[resource.configuration] node=[http_192_168_1_99_3412] location=[CorbaDriver-/node/http_192_168_1_99_3412.NoNameService] message=[No CORBA naming service found - start <xmlBlaster/bin/ns ns.ior> and specify <ORBInitRef.NameService=...> if you want one. : org.omg.CORBA.ORBPackage.InvalidName]
> [2003-3-30 13:41:24 INFO  CorbaDriver-/node/http_192_168_1_99_3412] You don't need the naming service, i'll switch to builtin http IOR download
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 2.The xmlBlaster demo program HelloWorld's error Messages:
> We have a problem: XmlBlasterException errorCode=[communication.noConnection] node=[xmlBlaster] location=[CorbaConnection-Administrator] message=[Login failed : java.lang.Error: Unable to create int from string >>null<<. Please check property "jacorb.security.ssl.client.required_options"]