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Re: [xmlblaster] address.setXXXXX #2

It is not completly correct. We changed the syntax of some of the properties. Unfortunately I just saw that the description of this particular protperty was not updated in the requiremnts. Meanwhile I fixed the requirement:


Marcel Ruff wrote:
Madere, Colin wrote:

You should also be able to use a java.util.Properties object also, correct?

Properties p = System.getProperties();
p.setProperty ( "client.protocol", "SOCKET" );

Should be p.setProperty ("dispatch/clientSide/protocol", "SOCKET");


p.setProperty ("protocol", "SOCKET");

The second alternative sets the protocol for both client side and callback.

p.setProperty ( "socket.port", "7607" );
p.setProperty ( "socket.hostname", "noty" );

glob.init ( p );



Saluti Michele