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[xmlblaster] Connecting form omniOrbPy to XMLBlaster

Hi there,

I've read this line:
> omniORBpy is known to run with JacORB

and decided to try XMLBlaster cause of its impressive features. But I'm too
dumb actually, to find a starting point.

Starting XMLBlaster with
  java -jar lib/xmlBlaster.jar

Compiling the xmlblaster.idl for omniOrbpy
  omniidl.exe -bpython xmlBlaster.idl

But I've not the slightest idea actually, how to connect to the running
jacorb now...
Do somebody have a snippet, where _minimum_ a onmiorbpy connect is
established? Are there anywhere scripts that tried the Helloworld example in

pleeeeease :)

help is very appreciated, for my decision to run with XMLBlaster and Python
in near future