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Re: [xmlblaster] Subscriber getting first message only

Hallo David,
in a normal case you should receive all three messages.
If you subscribe after having published the messages, then you would only get the last published message. On the other hand you say you receive only the first: if you set explicitly forceUpdate to 'false' in the publishQos and the content of the messages is the same, then you will only get the first one.

If none of the mentionned is your case you should send us the code.


David Hooker wrote:
I know this is probably answered somewhere, but I've looked for a couple
of hours and can't find where.

I have a publisher which publishes a message with a fixed oid.  I have
an EXACT subscriber which subscribes to this oid.

The first message published is sent to the subscriber.  The second and
subsequent messages published are _not_ being sent to the subscriber.
The TopicHandler section for the oid has both messages stored in it, but
only the first one is referenced in the XmlKeyDom section - the second
message isn't listed there.  Why is this?  How can I make sure all
messages after the first one are published?

(Forgive my questions... I'm new to xmlBlaster.)