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RE: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster in the real world

Yes, thanks, I did run through that list when first looking at xmlBlaster
and ruled almost all of them out since they didn't meet one or another
criteria for my project or had licensing that conflicted with client
requirements :)

Only things my group is wary about is lack of JMS compliance (which I
realize can be sort of tacked on) and the lack of _obvious_ real-world
implementation examples or customers.  Neither of these bothers me terribly,
but I'm not the only one in the group on this project (thankfully!).

I am very glad to have heard the feedback on this subject and so has my

Thanks, xmlBlaster developers and implementers.

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> Madere, Colin wrote:
> >I'm in a similar situation, although it's more me (and my dev group) that
> >need convincing rather than the guys up the chain.  We're evaluating and
> >writing prototypes using xmlBlaster and Joram (JMS compliance and release
> >version are big plusses).
> >
> >Are there really any other options for free/open source MQ/MoM
> middleware?
> >I've found tons of things that work with MoMs, JMS etc, but no actual
> >servers except these two...
> >
> I think there are many other excellent products for MoM just look at
> our internet resources overview:
> http://www.xmlblaster.org/links.html
> cu
> Marcel