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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster in the real world

Hallo David,
its great to follow the discussion you started. It seems almost a snowball effect and here comes my push on the snowball:

I think there are currently several companies (small, middle and big ones) using xmlBlaster (Heinrich has pointed you to some of them).

There are cases where the user does not want or can't scream to the open source world their experience with a certain product. For these who would like to share their experience with xmlBlaster, would it be useful to set up a page with a table with the columns like:

- logo
- company name
- date
- contact
- short project description
- opinions and suggestions

Of course it would be responsibility of you xmlBlaster users out there to provide this information.

I think this would give us a good starting point for a reference list.
Any suggestions ?


David Hooker wrote:
Ok, I may need to prove to the powers-that-be that xmlBlaster actually
IS used in REAL projects in the world.  If anyone here is using
xmlBlaster in a real world production application, could a few of you
please tell me just a couple of things?  I'd like to know:

(1) is the system in "production" (i.e. does it process real data used
by the business)?

(2) what kind of system is xmlBlaster used in?  A basic one-line
description of your application (i.e. "Order Processing for Credit

(3) how long in production?

(4) how satisfied are you with xmlBlaster in your environment?

(5) your company name?  (optional - you don't have to tell me if you
don't want to, but it sounds good if I can say "It's used at Boeing")

I've selected xmlBlaster to be a core component in our enterprise architecture, and I'd like a little data to back me up! :-) Thanks.

Michele Laghi
mailto:laghi at swissinfo.org
tel. +46 8 7492952 / mob. +46 70 4103964