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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster in the real world

I have written a proposal yesterday but it apparently got lost in the email jungle. I wanted to suggest more or less what Michael also suggessted. I think it would even be better if such a "references" page would be mantained by the users themselves with a tool like wiki. Marcel told me omniorb are doing it that way. Here the link to such a page:


We could the same approach.


Heinrich Götzger wrote:
On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, Michael Atighetchi wrote:

I'm in the same position for our R&D project.
It would certainly help to know
a) who is using xmlblaster
b) what are the main differences to JMS (JBOSS) - I did find a
partial list on the xmlblaster website and in a set of powerpoint
slides, but it would be interesting to extend it (especially with the
new xmlblaster capabilities recently added)

Would it be possible to include a list of project / companies using
xmlblaster up on the website (sort of like at the www.jacorb.org) ?

It is certainly not a technical problem to provide such a list on the
And it is certainly not a problem to add a typical success story board.

One the one hand, every (xmlBlaster) user has to decide on its own to
offer the story and its use case.
There are quite a few installations in commercial environments, but I'm
not entiteled to publish them.

One the other hand I'm not sure if we need to beg for usage of xmlBlaster.
I like and agree with the thoughts of Peter Bennett which came yesterday
in this thread.




On Wed, Apr 09, 2003 at 04:31:22PM -0500, Madere, Colin wrote:

I'm in a similar situation, although it's more me (and my dev group) that
need convincing rather than the guys up the chain.  We're evaluating and
writing prototypes using xmlBlaster and Joram (JMS compliance and release
version are big plusses).

Are there really any other options for free/open source MQ/MoM middleware?
I've found tons of things that work with MoMs, JMS etc, but no actual
servers except these two...

From:	David Hooker [SMTP:dhooker at btrade.com]
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Ok, I may need to prove to the powers-that-be that xmlBlaster actually
IS used in REAL projects in the world.  If anyone here is using
xmlBlaster in a real world production application, could a few of you
please tell me just a couple of things?  I'd like to know:

(1) is the system in "production" (i.e. does it process real data used
by the business)?

(2) what kind of system is xmlBlaster used in?  A basic one-line
description of your application (i.e. "Order Processing for Credit

(3) how long in production?

(4) how satisfied are you with xmlBlaster in your environment?

(5) your company name?  (optional - you don't have to tell me if you
don't want to, but it sounds good if I can say "It's used at Boeing")

I've selected xmlBlaster to be a core component in our enterprise architecture, and I'd like a little data to back me up! :-) Thanks.

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