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[xmlblaster] Re: Question on Web services

I am a relative newbie in the area of MOMs, but I know of it on a high
level. So, please excuse my questions if it sounds a little dumb.

We are currently looking at an EAI project with requirements for MOM. It was
quite obvious to me that we need some type of MOM to help us with message
delivery. However, I am also very interested in establishing common
interfaces using Web services/SOAP for the systems involved.

What I would like to know is if anyone has successfully implemented
xmlBlaster with Web services/SOAP? Where I am coming from is a common/easy
architecture where by we do not need to build a specific connector to the
web service for each message that comes along. Can you share some ideas with

I see that a plugin is a work in progress, but how much work will it involve
for us to achieve what we want?

Hi Thomas,

writing a new protocol driver is not too hard, there are many plugin
examples (RMI, XML-RPC, SOCKET, CORBA) to take a copy and use as
a base.

I once tried a SOAP lib to embed as a plugin into xmlBlaster
but this lib was not suitable, as it did not allow to be configured
by java code as i wanted. Its configuration came from xml
files and was not adjustable anymore when loaded - this was too rigid for me.

I think you need to check the available SOAP libs if one of those
is suitable and give it a try.

best regards,


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