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[xmlblaster] Clustering or simply server to server connects

I'm getting a little lost in the documentation, so I decided to post my

I'm interested in setting up multiple servers which pass all or a designated
subset of message to each other.  I guess I would set up the "Domain" idea
as I saw in the docs, however, the choice of "masters of topics" will be
arbitrary since there won't be an application level requirement of a certain
location being the master of most of the topics.  A few will have that
property, but most will not.

In that same vein, if I arbitrarily choose a master for a topic (or domain
of topics) and that server is disconnected from the rest, won't this mean
that messages published to non-masters will not be propogated to others
since only the master propogates topic publishes to the "slaves"?  I kind of
want to avoid that... so is that one of the clustering features that has not
yet been implemented?

Follow-up questions, it seems, would be:

1) Is clustering implemented in a functionally complete way for sharing
topics amonst multiple instances in a non-load balancing structure?

2) Is anyone successfully using the clustering setup that is currently
available in xmlBlaster?

Thanks in advance for you input.