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Re: [xmlblaster] oneway for subscribe & get


this sure helps. I'm favoring the wrapper approach, and will go ahead
and implement it. 

> For the get method I am not sure I understood how you mean with "oneway" 
> since you need the return value (the messages you want to get). There is 

My thought with the getOneway was to take a callback parameter and return immediately from a
get request. However, getOneway is not that important for me.

> Another possible but more tricky solution would be to directly work on 
> the client queue (with XmlBlasterAccess.getQueue) and force 
> XmlBlasterAccess to work in asynchroneous mode. This is tricky since it 
> needs modifications in the delivery framework (forcing asynch is not 
> implemented).

I started looking at the delivery framework (and the dispatcher
plugins) yesterday, and it seems to be fairly complex code. I'd rather
not worry about it unless it is absolutely necessary.

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