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Re: [xmlblaster] oneway for subscribe & get

Hi Michael,
it would not be so complex to implement but it would be time costly since it would need to be done for all protocols and test cases should be provided.

Some protocols (xmlrpc and rmi) need a return value, so for these protocols a fake oneway is needed. That brings me to a possible and easy solution:

write a wrapper to XmlBlasterAccess which invokes the xmlBlaster requests into a thread (or a thread pool). Then the wrapper's subscribeOneway method would invoke XmlBlasterAccess.subscribe(...) in a separate thread and would return without waiting for the response.

For the get method I am not sure I understood how you mean with "oneway" since you need the return value (the messages you want to get). There is already a "fake" get with cache (which makes a hidden subscribe). See for that the getCached method in XmlBlasterAccess.

Another possible but more tricky solution would be to directly work on the client queue (with XmlBlasterAccess.getQueue) and force XmlBlasterAccess to work in asynchroneous mode. This is tricky since it needs modifications in the delivery framework (forcing asynch is not implemented).

Hope that helps you

Michael Atighetchi wrote:
How hard would it be to add subscribeOneway
functionality to xmlblaster ?

I believe this would significantly simplify the threading model
required for implementing our distributes PSQ protocol on top of


Michele Laghi
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