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Re: [xmlblaster] Re: plugin help

Marcel Ruff wrote:

Zhou Dong wrote:


I have one xmlBlaster Server, and two client ( ClientA , ClientB ).

ClientA publish a message with topic MM, the content of the message is encoded by DES, the DESKey is KeyA.

ClientB subscribe a message with topic MM, ClientB has DESKey : KeyB.

ClientA doesn’t have the KeyB, ClientB also doesn’t have the KeyA.

If ClientA sends the message to ClientB directly, ClientB can’t decode it.

Now the Server must do : get the message which is published by ClientA, then decode it by KeyA.

then encode it by KeyB, then send it to ClientB.

How can I do at server-side? Which plugin to write?

Probably the MIME publish plugin


is the right place
to decode when the messages are received and
the MIME access plugin


the right place to encode when the message is
put to the subscribing clients queue

Hi Zhou,

i think i have to correct myself.
After the latest discussions from Michele/Michael i think
the security plugins could be a better place to handle your task


best regards