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Re: [xmlblaster] finding out from MsgUnit weather it is publish or subscribe message

OK, I have committed the changes to QosData:

besides the method

getMethod there are also:

boolean isSubscribe(), isPublish(), isErase(), isUnSubscribe(), isUpdate(), isGet.


Michael Atighetchi wrote:

thanks for pointing this out - you are right: I'd like to do something
similar to the "three servers thing with ACK" for publish and query,
and I missed the point that the publishfilter can only do publish

Looking at the message flow diagram that Marcel put out, it looks as
if there are two Cluster plugins.

Can you point me to the Cluster plugin I would use to intercept
publish, subscribe, and query requests ? After intercepting, I want to
tbe able to send PtP messages to other servers (I figured something
similar to XmlBlasterNativeClient), process the responses, and send
ptp messages back to the originating client.


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