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[xmlblaster] strange behavior of query in cluster setup


I started seeing strange behavior with get() in the following cluster


The slave is configured to forward all messages to the master via

# clustering for djmproxy

   <clusternode id='psq_xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'>\
         <address type='IOR' hostname='xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' port='7601' />\
      <master type='DomainToMaster'>\
         <key queryType='DOMAIN' domain='*'/>\

(I know this is the "old" style and will move to .xml setup soon.)

The master has corresponding settings.

In the case where client1 publishes messages, then client2 subscribes
to those messages, and then client3 queries for those messages via
get, client3 gets matching message back. However, for a single
message, client3 gets 2 results. Could this be a bug (i.e. both the
master and the slave sending results to get back to client3 ?).

If I reverse the order to
 Client1 publishes
 Client3 queries via get

Client3 does not get any results back. Using the d command, it seems
as if the slave does not have a parsed DOM, although the master
does. When the slave gets the get request, it tries to find a matching
DOM entry, and reports back that there was no match. Shouldn't the
right behavior be to forward the get request to the master, and report
back those results ?

Let me know if you need cleaned trace / dumps to debug this. I'm
currently working around 
 Bug1 combining multiple responses on the client end before handing it
      off to the app
 Bug2 by having a bogus subscription

BTW: I'm using version 0.847+ (not 0.848 yet) out of cvs.


matighet at bbn.com   BBN Technologies