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Re: [xmlblaster] strange behavior of query in cluster setup

> Bug1:
> In the case where client1 publishes messages, then client2 subscribes
> to those messages, and then client3 queries for those messages via
> get, client3 gets matching message back. However, for a single
> message, client3 gets 2 results. Could this be a bug (i.e. both the
> master and the slave sending results to get back to client3 ?).

Nevermind, it turned out that client3 was using the following xpath
which produces 2 matches on a single message

produces a single match and result.

I will probably never really understand all XPATH intrinsics, but is
this expected behavior ?

Anyways, this is probably not a bug in xmlblaster, and I'll change my
XPATH strings accordingly.

matighet at bbn.com   BBN Technologies