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Re: [xmlblaster] Dinamically routing messages

Roque Daudt wrote:


I was asked to come up with a proposal to a messaging framework to
support data exchange over HTTP between national-wide business

The transactions are simple and the xml structure (the DTD) is always
the same. However, delivery must be guaranted and only one of the many
business partners will be chosen as the actual message's destination.

Can xmlblaster be used to dinamically route messages of the same type
to different destinations based on some specific value enclosed in the
xml message?

If the server can make the decision who receives the message it
should be possible to write a little mime-publish-plugin
which manipulates the QoS of a received message:
It just adds a Destination PtP address of the receiver.



how to write and register such a plugin.



on how to add a destination tag to the QoS of a publish message.

It looks to me as a model in which every entity subscribe to the same topic but the messaging server delivers the message to only one of them and I am not sure if xmlblaster is suitable for this purpose...

The above solution uses the PtP  approach.

When doing it with Publish/Subscribe it is possible as well:

If you register a mime access plugin you would filter the delivery away to all
subscribers but one, see




Thanks in advance for any info.


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