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[xmlblaster] Re: MicrosoftSQLServer

zhang wrote:

the string=CHAR(128)  must be changed to string=VARCHAR(128) ,
otherwise it will report error when i test the HelloWorldPublish example

The testcase is as follows:
First publish 10 message to xmlblaster with args as " -erase false"
and then shutdown xmlblaster and restart it ,
then publish again, it will report error, i find the reason is when retriving record form SQL Server, the jdbc api cannot trim the space of
the "type" field in record.

Hi Zhang,

I have changed this in xmlBlaster/config/xmlBlaster.properties.template

Does the testsuite

java -Djava.compiler= junit.swingui.TestRunner -noloading org.xmlBlaster.test.classtest.AllTests

pass for  MicrosoftSQLServer without error?