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[xmlblaster] announcement: JMX-support added to xmlBlaster


I've added JMX-support to xmlBlaster.

JMX is a new Sun standard that allows Java developers to rapidly management
functionality into existing applications.
JMX defines a standard for writing JMX objects, also called MBeans.
MBeans basically represent the state and the functionality of a managed

When you point your browser to: http://hostname:8082 you will see the output
a JMX-Http-Adaptor.

The JMX framework allows to add protocol adaptors/connectors like the
http-adaptor to the framework without disturbing the instrumentation.

A custom adaptor is implemented too. It's a xmlBlaster-adaptor.
This adaptor is running on port 3424.
The adaptor enables the communication with the JMX-Server across the
network. Within the "normal" xmlBlaster-Instance another embedded
xmlBlaster-Instance, that handles the communication with clients, is

An administration-client using this new feature has been added.
It can be found at org.xmlBlaster.jmxgui. You can start this GUI with target
The Userinterface is pluggable and new plugins, handling other MBeans, can
be added to the system.
To show the usage, two plugins have already been added.

Feel free to test this new feature and report errors.