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Re: [xmlblaster] Microsoft SQL Server


Will this fix make it easier to use MySql as well?


Michele Laghi wrote:
Hi Zhang,
I made some modifications to the JdbcManagerCommonTable class. The manual creation of the pg_table view is not needed anymore since the information about the tables is gained via the MetaData information. I tested the code with oracle and postgres but I don't have any Microsoft SQL server running. Could you please check out the latest code and make sure it still works for Microsoft SQL Server (with no pg_table view!) ?

If that works I would then change the requirements and clean up the code.


zhang wrote:

I have use the following command to test the Microsoft SQL Server:
java -Djava.compiler= junit.swingui.TestRunner -noloading org.xmlBlaster.test.classtest.AllTests

the test results ok.

but I think the xmlBlaster.properties.template file has small bugs
1: it seems that you omit the oracle , just postgres and MicrosoftSQLServer
2: the Microsoft SQL Server driver class need to be added

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