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Re: [xmlblaster] Microsoft SQL Server

in fact it would be nice if you could also try out mySql with the new code on cvs. You have of course to add the configuration in the xmlBlaster.properties file for mySQL the same way as for Oracle and postgres. The name you have to use is the one which the space-stripped


Peter Bennett wrote:

Will this fix make it easier to use MySql as well?


Michele Laghi wrote:

Hi Zhang,
I made some modifications to the JdbcManagerCommonTable class. The manual creation of the pg_table view is not needed anymore since the information about the tables is gained via the MetaData information. I tested the code with oracle and postgres but I don't have any Microsoft SQL server running. Could you please check out the latest code and make sure it still works for Microsoft SQL Server (with no pg_table view!) ?

If that works I would then change the requirements and clean up the code.


zhang wrote:

I have use the following command to test the Microsoft SQL Server:
java -Djava.compiler= junit.swingui.TestRunner -noloading org.xmlBlaster.test.classtest.AllTests

the test results ok.

but I think the xmlBlaster.properties.template file has small bugs
1: it seems that you omit the oracle , just postgres and MicrosoftSQLServer
2: the Microsoft SQL Server driver class need to be added

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