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Re: [xmlblaster] Simple questions

Hi Thomas,

Bikeev at gmx.net wrote:

I am just getting started with XMLblaster and it seems to be a great thing!

However I have few simple questions:

1. What is the difference between Subscribe() and Get() functions? Is it
better to "subscribe" on a particular topic or call get with a Xpath query on
the msgKeyData (I am adding dome metadata to the key).

When subscribing (which as for the get can be done on a particular oid or as an xpath query) you get asynchroneous updates. One of the advantages is that you don't need to dedicate a polling thread to retreive the interesting messages. An other point is that using get will return you the last update of the message so if the publisher is faster then your get polling, then you will loose updates.

2. Is there a way to flag a message as "unread" or "read" on the server for
the re-retrieval recovery or monitoring purposes, dependent on if the message
has been accessed by a client application.

Message updates are consumed when delivered (i.e. they are removed from the delivery/callback queue). Redelivery after a failure is already handled by the server. If you want to know which topics (or more finegrained which updates of theese topics) which have successfully been delivered to which clients, then I think you need to write a plugin.

3. What is the proper way to add client specific properties, I am writing a
small demo which loops over a specific directory and publishes the new
messages onto XB server. Should I use xmlBlaster.properties adding my client
specific settings?

I think that is up to you. Personally for a little demo I would put it into xmlBlaster.properties or at the command line.

Thanks for the answers and the patience.

Kind regards,