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RE: [xmlblaster] pull

> [mailto:owner-xmlblaster at server.xmlBlaster.org]On Behalf Of Marcel Ruff
> when i get you right you are creating your own new messages in your plugin
> instead of by a publish or an internal query.


> I have never thought of such a use case - but why not.
> What is you global archicture that you need such an approach, what
> is the task you want to solve?

My task is archiver. Some applications can backup data by sending PtP
messages to archiver. And some other can synchronously get messages from
archiver. I can not find any standart way to do this.

One possible scenario:
-client connects, send the query to the archiver and subscribes to the
-server publishes the ansver
-client waiting for callback, handle it and disconnects

One problem: how long it have to wait the answer? Using timeout? In my
scenario i have no such problems.

> Just to be curious - what is the programming language in client side?

A little testing library: Python+omniORBPy.

> regards
> Marcel

Thanks, Oleg.