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Re: [xmlblaster] pull

Oleg Orlov wrote:

[mailto:owner-xmlblaster at server.xmlBlaster.org]On Behalf Of Marcel Ruff

when i get you right you are creating your own new messages in your plugin
instead of by a publish or an internal query.


I have never thought of such a use case - but why not.
What is you global archicture that you need such an approach, what
is the task you want to solve?

My task is archiver. Some applications can backup data by sending PtP
messages to archiver. And some other can synchronously get messages from
archiver. I can not find any standart way to do this.

One possible scenario:
-client connects, send the query to the archiver and subscribes to the
-server publishes the ansver
-client waiting for callback, handle it and disconnects

Yes, this is a possible way.

Another solution is to send PtP response messages, an example
is in HelloWorld5.java

One problem: how long it have to wait the answer? Using timeout? In my scenario i have no such problems.

This is depending on the use case.



Just to be curious - what is the programming language in client side?

A little testing library: Python+omniORBPy.



Thanks, Oleg.