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Re: [xmlblaster] bug or feature ?

Jürgen Prinz wrote:
The result of MessageUnit.toXml may not be a well-formed Xml-Document, if the content includes characters as '<' or \000.

The C++ MessageUnit.toXml() and Java MsgUnit.toXml() methods are mainly for logging. They are not used operational.

The Java variant uses a CDATA section:


which helps a bit but still may fail with binary contents
containing ']]>' or '<![CDATA[' tokens.

An approach would be to check the content and do a Base64
encoding when offending tokens are found:

 <content encoding='base64'>QmxhQmxhQmxh</content>

We than would need to update C++ and C to behave same as java.

Is this a reasonable approach?

Are there "official"
routines for encryption / decryption ?
Are you talking about our authentication plugin?

Out of curiosity

J. Prinz

best regards