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[xmlblaster] problem about the new version 0.9

I am evaluationg the new 0.9 and find a strange behaviour.

build cpp-test
it reports:
[cc] C:\0.9\xmlBlaster\testsuite\src\c++\TestClientProperty.cpp(56) : err
or C2782: “void org::inforMessaging::test::assertEquals(org::inforMessaging::ut
il::I_Log &,const std::string &,const T &,const T &,const std::string &)” : template
parameter “T”is unclear
[cc] maybe“std::string”
[cc] or “char [4]”

I check the TestClientProperty.cpp and find out that is use the testsuite.h file as an
include file.
The testsuite.h contains two assertEquals method . one is a template method and the other is a common method. the compiler seems to be puzzled by these two methods.

 I use the vc7 and the corba product is  ORBACUS.

 thanks  a lot!

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