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Re: [xmlblaster] message ordering

wojtek wrote:
Hi, I've started using xmlBlaster and it looks very promising. I have some
questions to more experienced xmlblaster users or developers:

Is there a way to affect the way the messages are ordered before they're
sent to a subscriber ? The problem is that I need to receive messages in
the same order they're sent to xmlblaster server - now, when I subscribe
a topic with 'wantInitialUpdate' set to 'true' and HistoryQos with
set to 10 I tend to recieve messages with higher timestamp first.

Thanks in advance

Ok, i have added now a QoS to change the delivery ordering of history entries, see


with QoS

  <history numEntries='10' newestFirst='false'/>

Please check out the newest with cvs.

You can play with it:

  java org.xmlBlaster.Main

  java javaclients.HelloWorldPublish -numPublish 1000 -persistent false -priority 5

-> publish some messages and start a subscriber:

  java javaclients.HelloWorldSubscribe -historyNumUpdates 10 -historyNewestFirst false