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Re: [xmlblaster] Re: VC6


Effectively, I didn't think this way. Using the C socket access from my cpp code
works fine now. I just don't have the XML support nor other access methods than socket,
but for a first try for my integration test it works.
I think I'll try to port our cpp code to VC7 with the better language standard support,
it may be the best way at this time.

Thank you for your help.
Sebastien Schneider.

Michele Laghi wrote:

Salut Sebastien,
sorry but VC6 is not supported. If I recall it right VC 6 did'nt handle namespaces in a proper way.
I think you should consider compiling your clients with VC 7 or if that is not an option use the c library which is communicating via sockets, sparing you this way having to deal with heavy corba libraries.


> Hi,
> I would like to now if there's a way to use xmlBlaster with VC++6 client application.
> I can't get the xmlBlaster C++ client library compile with VC++6, it generates a lot
> of cpp error Can I find some precompiled DLL for VC++6? Or maybe can I use an older xmlBlaster
> version that will compile with older compiler ... ?
> I think that if I compile xmlBlaster DLL with VC7, I couldn't use it in my cpp client compiling
> on VC6...
> Thank you,
> regards,
> Sebastien Schneider.