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Re: [xmlblaster] administrative commands

wojtek wrote:

I'm writing a monitoring tool and I've got some questions concering
administrative commands:
1. Is it possible to get a callback address of a certain session of a
certain subscriber ?
It is currently not possible to get this information via an administrative command. Technically speaking this information could be retreived. The question is how much should be possible to be retreived via the admin interface (The interfaces org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin.I_* control that).

(I was able to get the list of clients and some information about their
2. I've noticed that numUpdates of a client (that is persistent and has
persistent subscribtions) is being set
to 0 after server restart - why ?

This is because this information is not stored in the session directly since retreived from the dispatch manager. The latter is transient (after a server crash it is recreated). I think that making this information persistent would have a too high performance impact (an additional database write for every update)

3. I'm able to retrieve the number of updates (via key:
but it's not possible to get the number of publishes or  gets - why ?
(keys that I use are identical but end with ?numGets and ?numPublished)

Again the possible requests are controlled by the interfaces in org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin. In this particular case I_AdminSession.

We will discuss this issue the next couple of days and let you know. Possible solutions would be do extend the existing interfaces or alternatively to solve that via a plugin.

Does anyone know the answers ?