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[xmlblaster] error report about CallbackcorbaDriver.java


   I want to use the session ID which passed when the subscriber register the callback server with xmlblaster. And I did so(with cpp demo subscribedemo.cpp)
      ConnectQos connQos(global_,username,passwd);
      log_.info(ME, string("connecting to xmlBlaster. Connect qos: ") + connQos.toXml());
      ConnectReturnQos retQos = connection_.connect(connQos, this);
	  sessionID_ = retQos.getSecretSessionId();
  keep the sessionId passed in update method, and add this line in update method
      log_.plain(ME,"original sessionID is: "+sessionID_);
	  log_.plain(ME,"sessionID passed by update is: "+sessionId);
  start the subscriber: subscribedemo -interactiveUpdate true
  start the publisher:  publishdemo  -numPublish 100
  and the result like this
  	original sessionID is: IIOP:00113D37370E43361142
  	sessionID passed by update is: unknown

(I had tried with java demo with the same problem)

	I had traced into src code and found callbackAddress.getSecretSessionId() method
get the "unkown" value in sendUpdate() of CallbackcorbaDriver.java.

    Is there any problem?

thanks any way