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Re: [xmlblaster] error report about CallbackcorbaDriver.java

Hi Pikaiyuan,
the callback session id is not the session id passed to the connection.
You have to explicitly set CallbackAddress.setSecretCbSessionId(...) and
add it to the connectQos:
pikaiyuan wrote:
> Hi,everyone
>    I want to use the session ID which passed when the subscriber register the callback server with xmlblaster. And I did so(with cpp demo subscribedemo.cpp)
> 1、
>       ConnectQos connQos(global_,username,passwd);

 CallbackAddress cbA = new CallbackAddress(this.global);

>       log_.info(ME, string("connecting to xmlBlaster. Connect qos: ") + connQos.toXml());
>       ConnectReturnQos retQos = connection_.connect(connQos, this);
> 	  sessionID_ = retQos.getSecretSessionId();
> 2、
>   keep the sessionId passed in update method, and add this line in update method
>       log_.plain(ME,"original sessionID is: "+sessionID_);
> 	  log_.plain(ME,"sessionID passed by update is: "+sessionId);
> 3、
>   start the subscriber: subscribedemo -interactiveUpdate true
>   start the publisher:  publishdemo  -numPublish 100
>   and the result like this
>   	original sessionID is: IIOP:00113D37370E43361142
>   	sessionID passed by update is: unknown
> (I had tried with java demo with the same problem)
> 	I had traced into src code and found callbackAddress.getSecretSessionId() method
> get the "unkown" value in sendUpdate() of CallbackcorbaDriver.java.
>     Is there any problem?

There is no problem ;)

> thanks any way        
> 			   pikaiyuan
> 			   2004-05-10	   

I now have updated the requirement