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Re: [xmlblaster] how to reduce the enties in database

there is no such flag. If you want such a feature then you don't
want/need swapping. You can in such a case set the max queue size to be
the same as the max cache queue size.

The behaviour on what to do on queue overflows is controlled by a qos
flag in the queue property called onOverflow:


This is currently specified but not implemented (only
ONOVERFLOW_DEAD_MESSAGE is currently implemented).

pikaiyuan wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Does xmlBlaster has any Qos settings which is used for reduce the entries
> when entries(such as history queue,callback queue,msgUnitStore etc) reach the
> maxEntriesCache?
No there is no such feature. If I understand you right, you probably
want to inhibit swapping. You can avoid swapping by setting the
maxQueueSize to be the same as the maxCacheQueueSize.

What do you mean with "reducing the queue" ? Would you like to remove
old entries from the queue ?


> thanks any way        
> 			   pikaiyuan
> 			   2004-06-08	   

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