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Re: [xmlblaster] When does a topic get marked dead?

Hi David,

David Kerry wrote:
Hi Michele,

Right now, we're using PubSub, all clients are connected before a publish
(losing the odd message is ok in our environment) and we are setting the
isVolatile() on all messages as well.

Shouldn't setting the volatile flag (as we're already doing) cause the
topics to get destroyed right away?
Not exactly,
setVolatile sets the lifeTime of the message to 0 and forceDestroy to false. It will be cleaned up once it is not referenced anymore. It should not be referenced anymore once the last subscriber has become its message.

I suggest you should try what Marcel told. When looking at the dump pay particular attention at the queues.



Limiting the number of topics isn't an option at this moment, but we'll probably start moving in that general direction going forward.

Michele Laghi
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