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[xmlblaster] update return qos problem

When I rcv an async msg in my update function, when I'm done, I return OK state by setting my return qos: <qos><state id='OK'/></qos>

But the trace outputs:

[Mon Jul 26 09:58:52 2004 TRACE C:\xmlBlaster\build.tmp\src\c\socket\CallbackServerUnparsed.c thread0x3b2dc0] update(): We don't return anything for requestId 'meanie:46', the return message will come later by the client update dispatcher thread

As a result (I think), the server times out after 60 seconds with:

[Jul 26, 2004 9:59:41 AM WARN  RequestBroker] Generating dead message 'callback:/node/mymom/client/meanie/-17/NORM/1090861121516000001/CALLCTRL' from publisher=/node/mymom/client/mrmoose/-11 because delivery with queue 'callback:/node/mymom/client/meanie/-17' failed: XmlBlasterException errorCode=[user.update.error] serverSideException=true location=[SOCKET-HandleClientRequest-meanie] message=[SOCKET callback of 1 messages failed : errorCode=resource.exhaust message=Timeout o
f 60000 milliseconds occured when waiting on update(meanie:46) response. You can change it with -dispatch/callback/plugin/socket/responseTimeout <millis>] [SeeURL http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/admin.errorcodes.listing.html#user.update.error]

Why isn't my update function returning properly?