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[xmlblaster] ssl and compression with SOCKET


Yesterday I was struck by the revelation how much bytes some of my serialized objects eat up, and I finally came up with the idea to implement compression and ssl in xmlBlaster. I knew you were to implement it in the future, but I couldn't wait...
After 10-12 hours of analysing code, hacking around trying to get it to run, I succeeded and currently have a working implementation in java!
It uses builtin the SSL features, and a library called jzlib which is a reimplementation of libz. Quite ugly for my taste, it works nicely though. :) The builtin java.util.zip package has quite a few features missing that this kind of stream compression needs, that's why jzlib is needed.
I created 4 new classes in the package org.xmlblaster.protocol.socket, and wrote/modified ~10-15 lines of code in some files (server/client SOCKET protocol).
A few needed things are configurable from xmlBlaster.properties.

Anybody interested to check it out and find some bugs for me? :)