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Re: [xmlblaster] ssl and compression with SOCKET

PBal wrote:

Yesterday I was struck by the revelation how much bytes some of my serialized objects eat up, and I finally came up with the idea to implement compression and ssl in xmlBlaster. I knew you were to implement it in the future, but I couldn't wait...
After 10-12 hours of analysing code, hacking around trying to get it to run, I succeeded and currently have a working implementation in java!
It uses builtin the SSL features, and a library called jzlib which is a reimplementation of libz. Quite ugly for my taste, it works nicely though. :) The builtin java.util.zip package has quite a few features missing that this kind of stream compression needs, that's why jzlib is needed.
I created 4 new classes in the package org.xmlblaster.protocol.socket, and wrote/modified ~10-15 lines of code in some files (server/client SOCKET protocol).
A few needed things are configurable from xmlBlaster.properties.

Anybody interested to check it out and find some bugs for me? :)


Hi Balázs,

this is a useful extension to our basic SOCKET implementation.
If you are willing to donate it under LGPL license we would be
happy to add it to the xmlBlaster distribution.

If so, you can send the patch directly to my mail address.
You would need to add a test case as well and some documentation in
the SOCKET requirement (xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/protocol.socket.xml).

Is there a compatible C compression library with a free license around
which could be added to the C/C++ client library?
Do you have a property for a minimum message size to switch on