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[xmlblaster] Published messages are delayed.

Title: Published messages are delayed.


I'm developing an application that publishes a lot of messages continuously and fast after each other.
Fast, but not that fast (< then the 672 messages per second performance value mentioned on the website)
The problem is that the messages are delayed towards the subscribed clients.
Sometimes it takes a number of seconds before the messages arrive at the subscribed clients (even with 1 subscribed client) and

when they finally arrive, it is like they are updated in bulk.
The consequence is that there are more than 1000 entries in the callback queues (queue overflow).
Increasing the callback queues is not a solution because there is still a large delay before the subscribed clients
receive the messages.

When I decrease the speed of publishing messages, eg. putting a delay (eg 100ms) in the code in between 2 message
publications, the message arrive almost immediately at the subscribed clients.

Does anyone know what can be problem causing this delay.