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Re: [xmlblaster] how do i get erase notifications from xpath subscriptions now?

Thanks for your help.

After some investigation this morning, this is what I have discovered:

Your helloWord pub/sub tests using XPath did, in fact, receive that erase
events, as you said they would.

My messaging wrapper class was not properly retrieving the callback object
because of a change in the way unpublish (i.e. 'erase') events are now
processed.  In the past (XMLBlaster v.9.0) an erase event would have the
same subscriptionId as a publish event.  In otherwords, if I called
updateQos.getSubscriptionId() in my update method, the subscriptionId would
be the same.

This has now changed.   The subscriptionId is still what I would expect
when I receive an asynchronous publish event.  However, now, when I receive
an erase event, the subscriptionId is "__subId:PtP".  I have changed my
messaging wrapper class to properly handle erase events now that I know

Thanks again,

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Andrew.Yinger at Altarum.org wrote:
> I just tried updating from cvs, rebuilding, and I still do not receive
> erase notifications from XPATH subscriptions.
> I placed the entire build on my server and restarted.  On my clients, I
> copied over the updated xmlBlaster.jar file.  I also added a call to
> 'subQos.setWantNotify(true);' for my SubscribeQos.  Is there something
> I'm missing here?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

Strange, try this:


   java org.xmlBlaster.Main -wipeOutJdbcDB true

Start and type one time enter to subscribe:

   java javaclients.HelloWorldSubscribe -xpath "//key[ at oid='Hello']"

Start and type three times enter to publish and erase:

   java javaclients.HelloWorldPublish

The subscriber should get the events.
Check your build time by typing 'd' in the server console
(at the beginning of the xml dump).



> Andrew.Yinger at Altarum.org wrote:
>>In the latest change log it states:
>>o Bugfix for sending ERASE events in UNREFERENCED topics with XPath
>>   Topics delivered by XPATH subscriptions don't send erase notifications
>>   when they disappear as they match again if the[y] appear again
>>So, how do I get erase notifications if I subscribe with XPath query now?
> The XPath erase notfication had a bug in 0.91.
> As it was not too simple to fix it, we decided to remove the
> erase event for XPath:
> 1. If a topic is explicitely erase()d all EXACT subscription
>     are lost. Therefore all EXACT subscribers have stale subscriptions
>     and we considered a notification essential.
>     This old behaviour is still functional in 0.91
> 2. XPath subscriptions automatically match again if a topic
>     was erased and later was re-created. So the XPath subscriber
>     has no harm.
>     That was the reason we considered it not essential and did
>     dare to remove it.
> Other clients may be interested in topics how the come an go,
> but such events are currently not fired (see the similar '__sys__Login'
> and '__sys__Logout' events on which you can subscribe).
> I have now reimplemented the 2. from above, if you update
> xmlBlaster from cvs the XPath notifications are here again.
> A subscriber can set <notify>true/false</notify> as in previous releases
> so every subscription can control the events it gets (defaults to true).
> Summary: xmlBlaster from current cvs behaves same again as it did before
> 0.91
> (but the bug is fixed)
> Regards
> Marcel
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> http://www.xmlBlaster.org