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Re: [xmlblaster] how do i get erase notifications from xpath subscriptions now?

Andrew.Yinger at Altarum.org wrote:
Thanks for your help.

After some investigation this morning, this is what I have discovered:

Your helloWord pub/sub tests using XPath did, in fact, receive that erase
events, as you said they would.

My messaging wrapper class was not properly retrieving the callback object
because of a change in the way unpublish (i.e. 'erase') events are now
processed.  In the past (XMLBlaster v.9.0) an erase event would have the
same subscriptionId as a publish event.  In otherwords, if I called
updateQos.getSubscriptionId() in my update method, the subscriptionId would
be the same.

This has now changed.   The subscriptionId is still what I would expect
when I receive an asynchronous publish event.  However, now, when I receive
an erase event, the subscriptionId is "__subId:PtP".  I have changed my
messaging wrapper class to properly handle erase events now that I know

Thanks again,

You are right, i have fixed this in the current cvs and added a testcase to the testsuite. Now you get again your subscriptionId,