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Re: [xmlblaster] Databases

Daniel Lynes wrote:
On October 18, 2004 01:27 am, Marcel Ruff wrote:

we have two modules which use JDBC connections:

1. As a service for clients to query any JDBC aware database
Here we have implemented a pool for all different database URLs
and for each DB URL again a pool which holds the connections.
The amount of DB's accessed is unlimited. See

Ok. From what I understand about this one, the configuration parameters for accessing the database are specified by the client, and are not configured in the xmlBlaster.properties file on the server side?

If this is the case, I'm guessing the connections are not pooled?

They are pooled, they have configured a timeout when to die.

2. XmlBlaster uses for its persistent queue (I_Queue interface) and
   persistent message storage (I_Map interface) a JDBC database.

It is possible to configure one database for msgstore and another DB for
the queues. Currently you can't configure one DB for topic 'A' and another
one for topic 'B' and a third one for client 'joe/1' callback queue.

I had this one figured out. I was just curious if xmlBlaster supported 'bindings', so that I could decide at runtime which database binding I wished to use for my queue or topic. Similar to how I would use a database within an EJB container for MDBs.

You can set the property to choose the DB during initialization of a client or an embedded xmlBlaster server dynamically. Changing the DB in hot operation may be difficult as we would need to 'mirror' the current state of the queues and stores to another DB during reconfiguration ...


Thank you for your response. It was quite helpful.